Mother’s Day in Full Bloom – 5 Ways to Celebrate

For some, Mother’s Day sneaks up every year, leaving them scrambling for gift ideas, while others may have already checked that order of flowers off the list last week and paired it with the most charmingly sentimental card on the rack.

For those who fall into the former group, the following are a few ideas to make this Mother’s Day, one to remember.

Make a Day of it

A whole day? With your mother? Yes. Set aside those other back-burner plans, and spend some quality time with the woman who has shown unconditional love for a lifetime. Weather permitting, take a bike ride, hike, do some gardening, have a picnic, go to the movies, do yoga together.

Day Off – Off Duty 

We’ve seen our mothers hard at work, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Let’s give them a break for the day. Encourage your fellow family members to pitch in and let mom relax a bit. Do the chores she’s always nagging you to do, run errands for her without protest or prepare her favorite meal without scrunching your nose at whatever vegetables may be incorporated into the evening’s menu.

Breakfast in bed

Make it a surprise, and drop a few ever-so-subtle hints that she should plan on expecting a Mother’s Day brunch. Then, surprise! Waffles in bed. A few recipe ideas include Nutella baked French toast (recipe available here) or Orange Ginger Cream Scones (recipe available here). Some eggs and toast, with a decorative flower on the side, works, just as well.

Pamper & Appreciate

This is always a great option — may be the best option. Guys, take note. Send that special lady on over to the spa. Or better yet, bring the spa to her. Bring an effervescent spa experience home with the Pure Naturals CBD Max Relax Bath Bomb, the rejuvenating Beauty Cream Formula or one of our favorites, the Pure Pamper Package.

Our pure, Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate blends together with our select essential oils to create a soothing, calming and relaxing experience in the comfort of your home. CBD is quickly becoming known as an alternative for stress-relief,  skin conditioning, and pain relief. With topicals especially, the CBD goes to work where needed, directly through the skin while soaking in the tub or with one of the cream or salve formulas.

It’s the Simple Things 

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be a memorable holiday. Showing that you care, love and appreciate your mom could be as simple as saying, “Thank you for all that you do,” or calling her if you don’t live in the same state and talking for more than a distracted 15 minutes. Be present on the phone or maybe create a short iMovie with your fellow family members, each stating what they love about mom most. We challenge you, this Mother’s Day to really acknowledge the mother-figure in your life. Get specific on how she has impacted your life.

Whether you plan to take mom out to brunch or a wine-and-dine her, remember, it’s the simple things that mean the most.

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