Lab Proven Quality

At Pure Naturals CBD, we know there are a variety of other places a person can buy CBD products. The difference with Pure Naturals CBD lies in our product’s potency.  We have submitted our formulas to the most rigorous independent, third-party laboratories available to our industry, and we have proven each and every one of our products quality. Currently we boast a 99.9% Cannabinoid level, something very few companies are able to acheive.  As we continue to introduce new products and ever improve our current line of products, our quality and potency is something we will  never compromise.  The mission of Pure Naturals CBD is to create hemp-based products of the HIGHEST QUALITY and POTENCY, crafted from nature’s finest ingredients, with our customer’s well-being at heart.

Pure Naturals CDB

CBD 100%
THCa 0mg/g 0%
CBDa 0mg/g 0%
THC 0.3mg/g 1%
CBN 0mg/g 0%
CBG 0mg/g 0%